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4 Ways Silk Pillowcases Are Proven to Empower Your Beauty Sleep

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

#1: Preventing fine lines & wrinkles

Sleeping on a rough cotton surface can compress your face for long hours at a time, resulting in wrinkles. These sleep wrinkles develop when your face is pressed against something coarse (pillows, sheets, masks, etc.) while you sleep. although it's true that most wrinkles are caused by the expressions you make while you're awake, often, wrinkles on your face and chest are a result of sleeping on your stomach or side.

Why? Because "compression, shear, and stress forces result[s] in facial distortion" for side and stomach sleepers, as opposed to "facial animation wrinkles" which are "due to muscle contractions." Sleeping on silk pillowcases won't be your cure-all, but "[they] can absolutely reduce wrinkles," in conjunction with other proactive measures.

Silk is naturally smoother than other fabrics, such as cotton, resting your locks on a silk pillowcase reduces the friction of any tossing and turning that occurs while you sleep. This provides many benefits for a healthier head of hair, including: reduced frizz, less hair breakage.

#2: Fights acne and irritation

You may have heard the claim that silk pillowcases prevent acne. While that's not 100% accurate, there are definite benefits to sleeping on silk that correlate to healthier, happier skin. Silk pillowcases provide a much gentler and clean sleeping surface, especially when compared to cotton.

We now know that silk has the lowest coefficient of friction—that's why it's effective at preventing crease wrinkles for side and stomach sleepers.

There's a similar reason why silk pillowcases are believed to fight acne-causing agents. Cotton pillowcases also absorb more than just your favorite nightly serums. In addition, thanks to your hair, your cotton pillowcase also contains a buildup of dirt, oils, and more (depending on how long you go between washes!).

#3: Preventing frizz, dull hair, and bedhead

Goodbye rat's nest, hello hair as silky as well, silk! Silk pillowcases are another win in the fight against friction. Thanks to silk's super smooth texture, hair glides over its surface without any friction; as opposed to cotton, which is a rougher surface and causes the outer layers of your hair strands to fray.

While other factors affect hair health (hair type, heat treatments, chemical treatments, rough handling, etc.), using a silk pillowcase is a proactive measure you can take to help your hair shine (from the inside out!).

Another sad (but true) fact? Just like cotton pillowcases strip your face of its natural oils and any products/serums applied, the same is true for your hair.

#4: Get your most comfortable night sleep ever

Silk might be the key to unlocking your most comfortable night's sleep (ever!). How? In addition to the peace of mind you'll get from all of the above, silk actually helps to regulate your body temperature. According to the Sleep Foundation, silk "may be a good option for people concerned about overheating during the night," because it "tends to adjust to body temperatures." Silk certainly does regulate temperature.

The good news for you? You'll be "warm in winter and cool in summer," and your pillow will always feel "cool-to-the-touch."

Are you ready to start love your skin & hair? Find your favourite pillowcase here

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